Dr Nightingale (nee Nattrass) has written an award winning textbook and several academic papers.


Illustrated Questions In Orthodontics
Nightingale, C. and Sandy J.R. Pub: Oxford University Press 2014

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Book Description
: Illustrated Questions in Orthodontics takes a problem-based approach to orthodontics, offering a unique resource for undergraduate dentists.

This book contains a comprehensive set of questions relevant to undergraduate orthodontics curricula, including chapters on examination and diagnosis, treatment planning, pathology, appliances, and anchorage. Each chapter is packed with high-quality clinical photographs and x-rays to help readers to test their skills in identifying and describing various orthodontic problems and presentations. Furthermore, every question is answered with extensive feedback, setting each topic in a clinical context in order to teach as well as test.

The ideal revision resource for undergraduate dentists looking to test and consolidate their knowledge ahead of placements and exams, Illustrated Questions in Orthodontics will also form a useful tool for postgraduate dentists and orthodontic therapists.

This material was originally published in Illustrated Questions in Orthodontics by Claire Nightingale and Jonathan Sandy, and has been reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press.

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Orthodontics: A Picture Test Atlas
Nightingale, C. and Sandy J.R. Pub: Wright 2000

This new book is an excellent introduction to orthodontics for the undergraduate, using a problem based learning approach. It provides a visual means of testing knowledge in a subject commonly found difficult by students. The well-illustrated text explains the basic principles of orthodontics, the application of different appliances and the management of common problems. The superb colour illustrations will also make this a valuable tool for the General Dental Practitioner, when explaining problems and treatment plans to the patient. In addition, it provides a firm foundation upon which the postgraduate orthodontic student can base further study and for those studying for MFDS and statutory examinations.


“The problem-based approach makes learning enjoyable. The lay-out of this book in every aspect including the text makes such an approach all the more enjoyable. It may sound strange to say but it was difficult to put it down. It was a pleasure.” – The GDP, October 2001

“The book is very stimulating to read and the contents could certainly awaken an interest for further orthodontic studies.” – European Journal of Orthodontics 24 (2002)

“Bound to be popular!” – Judges, Medical Book Awards, 2001

A Picture Book of Orthodontics
Nightingale C. (1997, revised 1999; 2008)

This is a compilation of clinical photographs of different dental braces and before and after photographs, for patient education at the chair side. Priced at £40, available directly from Claire Nightingale.

Postgraduate Notes in Orthodontics, MSc / MOrth Programme
Atack N.E., Turner S.R., Thomas P.W.T., Nattrass C., Sandy J.R. (1998)
Bristol University

This is now in a greatly expanded form, and consists of concise references to support the learning of postgraduate dental students in orthodontics. It is available directly from Bristol University.



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