We offer a wide range of treatments with our dental hygienist, who is also a qualified dental therapist. In addition to thorough, conventional tooth cleaning and sensible advice to keep your gums healthy and your breath fresh, we offer:

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile? If so, please come and discuss how this may be achieved with our dentist or hygienist. We offer home bleaching and tailor the programme to suit your individual needs. Some people will need longer than others to improve their smile, depending on the cause of the discolouration. You will need to have a healthy mouth before starting tooth whitening, so a thorough dental check up will be necessary as part of the process.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Have you experienced painful tooth cleaning before, or have sensitive teeth that make routine, traditional methods of dental hygiene an unpleasant experience? If so, why not try this new technique that is pain-free and suitable for all ages?

Scientifically proven to be effective, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a minimally invasive, systematic and highly effective solution for removing dental biofilm (the plaque, bacteria and food residue,) that grows on your teeth throughout the day. Using state of the art airflow, perioflow and piezon technologies, the biofilm is successfully removed from your teeth.

GBT uses a step-by-step process of assessment, treatment, review and recall for improvement and maintenance of optimal oral health. Airflow uses a combination of warm water, air, and water-soluble therapeutic powder to remove harmful bacteria (biofilm) and stains, therefore transforming your dental experience, moving away from the less efficient, less effective traditional methods of teeth cleaning and polishing that you may have previously experienced.

Our hygienist is trained and certified by the Swiss Dental Academy to carry out GBT and will tailor each appointments to meet your individual oral needs.

ICON Resin Infiltration

Do you have stubborn white or brown spots or flecks on your teeth that won’t go away? Or maybe there is some tooth cracking that is vulnerable to picking up staining? Perhaps you would like to see us for a professional opinion about how to remove these conservatively, simply, and painlessly using the ICON technique of resin infiltration. Often used with dental bleaching first, this technique can improve the appearance of your smile within one visit, enhancing the aesthetics of your teeth by reducing the appearance of undesirable marks, giving the tooth surface a more consistent and uniform appearance, which improves the overall colour of your teeth.

Resin infiltration is a minimally invasive restorative treatment to correct minor flaws by firstly, removing the discolouration before filling it in with tooth coloured resin. It can also be used to block the progression of early decay (carious lesions), whilst preserve healthy tooth structure.

Deciduous (Baby) Tooth Restoration or Removal

Does your child have wobbly baby teeth that won’t fall out but are causing the adult teeth to grow in the wrong place? Or is your child in pain and needs help?

Our dental therapist is trained to restore or remove deciduous (baby) teeth and will take great care of your child, removing stubborn baby teeth under local anaesthetic when requested to do so by a dentist.

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