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We offer routine dental care for all the family. We welcome you to make an appointment for dental checkups, dental hygiene and consultations for more sophisticated dental care, such as composite bonding, white fillings and smile makeovers.

Once our patients are free of dental disease, we offer tooth straightening, tooth whitening (bleaching) and bonding of worn teeth, as conservatively and gently as possible to maximise the beauty of your smile.

Here are a few examples of the cosmetic work that we offer.

Composite bonding (restorations)

Chipped teeth, worn edges, undersized or weirdly shaped teeth can be restored conservatively with a white, tooth-coloured filling material called composite to create a natural-looking tooth. Often people need some bonding after tooth straightening (orthodontics) to restore teeth that were damaged by being worn down in their previous, incorrect, position. Adults, in particular, are in frequent need of this dental care, whilst children may need natural teeth increased in width or altered in shape to lose unaesthetic gaps.

Before Before
After After

White fillings (restorations)

A hole in a tooth surface is called a dental cavity. They are usually caused by dental decay (caries). Cavities can also be caused by the tooth surface being rubbed away by heavy-handed tooth brushing (toothbrush abrasion) or acid attacks, commonly due to soft drinks or high fruit consumption (erosion).

Traditionally, cavities have been restored with a silver amalgam material. This has been an effective solution for many years but looks ugly. For a more natural-looking tooth surface, silver fillings can be replaced with white fillings. These photos show teeth with small amalgam fillings that have been replaced by white, composite fillings, restoring the teeth to look like they have never had a cavity at all.

Before Before
After After

Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes teeth need more extensive enhancement than can be achieved using the more conservative technique of composite bonding and porcelain veneers are advised instead. Porcelain veneers fit over the existing tooth surface (which usually needs to be reduced in thickness) to re-create the anatomy and beauty of the original tooth. These photos demonstrate how upper front (incisor) teeth have been transformed from damaged, triangular-shaped teeth to a beautiful smile using several porcelain veneers. These have been carefully designed to minimise further damage to the tooth surface, aiming to protect the living tooth core (pulp) for the patient’s lifetime, unlike the dangers of “Turkey teeth”.

Before Before
After After

Onlays (restorations)

Onlays are manufactured by a dental laboratory, under the guidance of a dentist. Less extensive than a crown, they are used to protect against further destruction of heavily filled teeth. This sequence of photographs shows a root-treated, heavily filled tooth with an old restoration being restored safely and back to beauty with a porcelain onlay.

Before Before
During After
During Before
After After


Heavily filled teeth or those that are badly broken down are likely to need a crown, which wraps around the entire tooth surface, to prevent further damage and maintain tooth functionality. Crowns can be made of a variety of materials, including gold and porcelain. Here, an amalgam restoration has fractured in a heavily filled molar tooth, leaving the remaining thin enamel walls vulnerable to fracture. A porcelain crown has been provided to stop the tooth from becoming further damaged beyond repair.

Before Before
After After

Smile Makeover

After a meticulous assessment of your smile and careful discussion to understand your wishes, we can offer a sequence of treatments, abbreviated to ABC (align, bleach, composite bonding) to straighten, whiten and bond your teeth to give you the smile of your dreams, with minimal risk to the long term health of your teeth. These before and after photos demonstrate great improvement in a smile, achieved very simply with ABC.

Before Before
After After

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile? If so, please come and discuss how this may be achieved with our dentist or hygienist. We offer home bleaching and tailor the programme to suit your individual needs. Some people will need longer than others to improve their smile, depending on the cause of the discolouration. You will need to have a healthy mouth before starting tooth whitening, so a thorough dental check up will be necessary as part of the process.

ICON Resin Infiltration

Do you have stubborn white or brown spots or flecks on your teeth that won’t go away? Or maybe there is some tooth cracking that is vulnerable to picking up staining? Perhaps you would like to see us for a professional opinion about how to remove these conservatively, simply, and painlessly using the ICON technique of resin infiltration. Often used with dental bleaching first, this technique can improve the appearance of your smile within one visit, enhancing the aesthetics of your teeth by reducing the appearance of undesirable marks, giving the tooth surface a more consistent and uniform appearance, which improves the overall colour of your teeth.

Resin infiltration is a minimally invasive restorative treatment to correct minor flaws by firstly, removing the discolouration before filling it in with tooth coloured resin. It can also be used to block the progression of early decay (carious lesions), whilst preserve healthy tooth structure.

Deciduous (Baby) Tooth Restoration or Removal

Does your child have wobbly baby teeth that won’t fall out but are causing the adult teeth to grow in the wrong place? Or is your child in pain and needs help?

Our dentist is trained to restore diseased deciduous (baby) teeth or remove stubborn baby teeth under local anaesthetic and will take great care of your child.

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