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An Effective Orthodontic Solution

Fixed braces are still the most common type of treatment and are what you probably first think of when someone mentions braces. Fixed braces are stuck to the outside of the teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. They consist of small brackets which are connected together with an archwire, held in place by elastic rings, known as ligatures. The great news for you is that brackets are no longer only available in stainless steel but are also available as ceramic brackets which are almost tooth coloured, making your braces far less visible and are very aesthetic.

The Most Appropriate Treatment For Many

A large number of adults are now opting for orthodontic treatment and aesthetic, ceramic braces offer a discreet yet effective solution to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. Today’s fixed braces are far smaller and less obvious than those which friends (or even yourself) may have had as a teenager and still prove to be the most appropriate treatment for many. If you want to make treatment fun, ceramic brackets look great when teamed with colours too.

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Before Smart Clip Braces
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After Smart Clip Braces

A Number of Treatment Systems Available

Treatment systems provided by Queens Gate Orthodontics include the Clarity Advanced, Victory and low friction, self ligating Smart Clip brackets (3M Unitek).

If you’re considering braces, why not get in touch with us here at Queens Gate Orthodontics today and discuss what the most suitable treatment for you may be?

Orthodontic treatment using fixed braces without removing adult teeth to correct crowded, prominent teeth.

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“My teeth were really out of place, crooked and too narrow. There were a lot of problems. I am very happy with the result and happy to not have braces anymore.”


This young girl was only 10 3/4 years old when she started her brace treatment. However, as her adult teeth were well developed, we decided to start treatment to correct crowded, prominent teeth and narrow jaws.


Without any complicated treatment other than simple fixed braces (“ train tracks”) and elastic bands, she wore braces over a 2 year period. Despite finding them a nuisance, she wore her elastic bands well, took good care of braces, and was rewarded with a fabulous smile!

Orthodontic treatment using fixed braces and, the extraction of adult premolar teeth, to correct crowded, rotated teeth


This 11 year girl had exceptionally crowded teeth, struggling to find space at the front of her mouth, and at the back of her mouth, her wisdom teeth were impacting (as seen on her radiograph / Xray).


Due to the severe amount of crowding, four adult premolar teeth were extracted by her dentist, following which she wore upper and lower fixed braces over 2 years. Having looked after her braces and retainers as instructed, she has a truly beautiful smile with which to start her adult life.

Are you ready to start your journey to a straighter smile?

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