Early Treatment of Children

Whilst orthodontic treatment is normally delayed until all the adult teeth have developed and appeared in the mouth, there are circumstances when children benefit from early orthodontic treatment. For example, some of the upper incisor teeth may grow through on the wrong side of the lower incisor teeth (called a “crossbite”) and benefit from being corrected with a simple brace.

Sometimes, a tooth may be impacted and need help to grow down correctly or the prominence of the upper incisors (called an overjet) be so great, the child is at risk of bashing their front teeth, which can be heart breaking for everyone.

Young children with incorrect swallowing function and poor tongue position will benefit from treatment using an innovative Myobrace, combined with simple tongue and lip exercises.

This comfortable appliance is made from soft plastic and teaches the child to swallow correctly, whilst re-training the tongue into a better resting position.

Patient Wearing Myobrace

Ideally every child should receive an orthodontic examination by a trained orthodontist by the age of 10 to check the teeth are developing correctly. If your child has not yet been seen by a specialist orthodontist, why not make an appointment with Queens Gate Orthodontics?

Use of a Myobrace to improve an anterior open bite caused by the tongue being forwards



​Use of an expander to correct an anterior crossbite



Interceptive orthodontic treatment using a Myobrace

“I had sticking out teeth and the word “rabbit” came out a lot and it got a bit annoying to the extent that  I wanted it fixed. So, I got a Myobrace for about 2 years and people stopped talking about it. It was really quite nice because people weren’t teasing me. I feel great about my smile and not really afraid to smile in photos.”


This young boy had prominent upper teeth, due to his lower lip becoming trapped behind his upper incisors.



He wore a Myobrace for 12 hours a day, mostly when sleeping at night, and very quickly the prominence of his teeth resolved. Although he still has adult teeth to erupt, he may not need to wear braces as a teenager as a consequence of appropriate early treatment.

Interceptive treatment with a removable expander to correct an anterior crossbite.


This 8 year old child’s upper adult incisors erupted behind three of his lower incisors, (an anterior crossbite) causing potential damage to the gums and enamel.



The solution was very simple. He wore a removable expander brace for only 6 months and the crossbite was fully corrected. Although he was followed up for 3 years, he and his family were very happy with his smile and bite and he didn’t need any further orthodontic treatment. Early, interceptive, orthodontic treatment in this instance was important for this child’s dental health and development and stopped him from needing any treatment as a teenager.

Interceptive treatment with fixed braces to correct an anterior crossbite


At 8 1/2 only years old, this young girl’s upper central incisor teeth were erupting into a crossbite position, causing the lower incisor teeth to be mobile and proclined.



Due to the rotated position of the teeth, a fixed brace was used carefully for a very short time, to correct the problem without harming the developing tooth roots, which were immature. Once the teeth were corrected and the gap between them closed, a fixed, wire retainer was placed to hold them in a better position as the other adult teeth erupt. The lower incisor teeth stopped being mobile as soon as the upper incisor teeth were in a better position. She will need some further treatment in the future, but the immediate problem of trauma to her lower teeth was solved.

"Thanks for everything you have done to my teeth and for making the visits to the orthodontist such a pleasure."


Age 13

"To Claire, Thank you for being gentle with me!

Luv from Laura.

p.s. I am very pleased with my teeth."


Age 13

"To my dentist lady. Thank you very much for helping me with my teeth. When I look in the mirror I will always remember you. I’m not afraid to smile because I’ve got nice white teeth."


Age 12

Do you want your child to be assessed by a specialist orthodontist?

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