Child Functional Appliance - Adam 2

Functional Braces

Functional braces are bespoke removable braces made from acrylic (hard plastic) and wire. They are used to tip teeth and reposition the lower jaw in order to correct goofy teeth due to an imbalance in jaw size.


They are used primarily for children who are still growing. They are particularly useful to start treatment of children who still have baby teeth left.


Although a number of different types of functional braces exist, they largely do the same thing. Some are worn full time (Twin Blocks) and some part time (eg Medium Opening Activator; Frankel Appliance).


Sometimes functional braces are used together with fixed braces, but more commonly, they are used prior to treatment with fixed braces.

Using A Variety Of Different Appliances

When a functional brace is the most suitable form of treatment, one of a variety of different appliances may be used. Please see just three of the functional braces which we use during treatment below:

Functional 1

Medium Opening Activator

Functional 2

Twin Block Appliance

Functional 3

Frankel Appliance

Functional Appliance Before


Functional Appliance After


Funcational Before


Funcational After


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