Jaw Surgery

Few people have perfectly size matched jaws. People who have an imbalance in jaw size often dislike their facial appearance, feeling that they look chinless or like the comic book character “Desperate Dan”.


Sometimes a facial asymmetry exists too. Alternatively, the patient may have an inability to bite properly or a traumatic bite, causing the gum to be stripped away from the upper or lower front teeth.


For people with a significant mismatch in jaw size, jaw surgery is an opportunity to correct this underlying problem.


Jaw surgery can also be a solution for patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea, for whom conservative treatments such as CPAP are not tolerated.

The orthodontist works closely with experienced maxillofacial surgeons to enable patients to achieve the optimal surgical outcome to their problem and provides the brace treatment that is an important part of this patient journey.


This treatment is not radical or pioneering and has been used for many people over several decades to great effect. As an NHS Consultant Orthodontist of many years standing, Dr Claire Nightingale has treated hundreds of patients jointly with several Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeons.

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Lengthening of short lower jaw to correct obstructive sleep apnoea

Do you think you might benefit from jaw surgery?

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